WigOut for a Cure

#WigOut is our global awareness campaign, raising funds for The Rare Initiative and giving real hope to the 22% of cancer patients facing rare tumors.
By wearing a wig and creating some noise, we stand beside the 22%. The children fighting rare cancers, the parents without treatment options, the men and women facing a frightening diagnosis and looking for hope. Together, we can make a difference. Will you join us and #WigOut for a cure?

Half of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. Almost one in four will be told our cancer is rare, and the rest face the risk of our tumors becoming resistant to treatment. Let’s make sure we’re all in with a fighting chance to beat the odds, whatever our diagnosis.

#WigOut with us and be part of the solution. With your support in spreading the word, we will raise awareness, raise money and fund pioneering research that can change the prognosis for all of us.

Ways to #WigOut

#WigOut with us by wearing a wig or a headscarf for a day, create attention for The Rare Initiative and donate $22 to the cause. In-person or online, in a team, with your family or on your own, #WigOut your own way and be part of the solution...

Notice the looks, acknowledge the self-consciousness, but don’t feel like a victim – be a champion for The Rare Initiative. Explain to people that you are wearing a wig to support the unseen Rare Cancer fighters. Tell them how uneven the playing field is, and how common ‘rare’ cancers really are. Remind them that any cancer can become resistant to treatment and that without new research that’s the end of the road. Your $22 represents the 22% of cancer patients that need your support. That’s almost 1 in 4. Everyone facing cancer deserves hope. #WigOut with us, and help fund the research that will get us there.

#WigOut as a Team

Your voice will be louder – and your support can go further – if you #WigOut as a group. Make it a team-building experience over Zoom at work, a competition between teams or a bonus round in your next online quiz. Nominate your friends, challenge your boss, and help us generate some attention for The Rare Initiative.

#WigOut Solo

Set up a sponsorship page and see how much you can raise on your own, or simply share a photo of your #WigOut self on Instagram and nominate your friends to do the same. You choose your style, just make sure it’s loud.

#WigOut with the Kids

Hands up who’s run out of ways to entertain the kids in the last year? You can get your whole tribe involved in your #WigOut day – and the kids can decide how. Whether it’s a park walk in full dress-up or a birthday party to remember – get creative, get talking and get wiggy with us.

You make the rules

There’s no right or wrong way to #WigOut. Have some fun with it, get others involved and see the difference you can make.

Follow us on Instagram to see what others are doing, or check out the Teams and Challenges already up and running. From head shaving and fun runs to ice-plunges and dancing the LiLo – we’ve raised over $140,000 in 3 months and this is just the beginning.

Nobody should die from cancer and with your help, we really can find a cure.