WigOut Solo.

You can WigOut solo by simply donating $22 and wearing your wig for the day, or  you can make your voice go further with your own Fundraising Page and a personal #WigOut challenge.

Use your page to explain why you plan to #WigOut – and how. Maybe you’ll go to work in a wig for the day – or perhaps you’d rather go all out and shave your head altogether. Whatever your plan, create and share a sponsorship page and your #WigOut will have a bigger impact.


Create your own Fundraising Page

Click on the iPhone image to create your page, set yourself a goal and then share it with friends, family and colleagues for sponsorship.

WigOut and Loud!

However you plan to WigOut, be loud about it. Whether you're wearing a wig or a scarf - or shaving it all off, share it on Instagram and help amplify our voice.

Donate and Nominate

Donate $22 (or if you've been sponsored, as much as you can!) to The Rare Initiative and nominate others to WigOut too!

Are you following us?

Follow us on Instagram @therareinitiative and make sure you tag us whenever you post. Raise your voice and amplify ours with the hashtags #wigoutforacure and #wigout.